Mango Baby

Mango Baby is a well designed, easy to use baby tracker app. It comes with insightful charts, iCloud sharing, and Siri Shortcuts support. You and your partner can log activities and understand your child’s growth trends together.

✨ Now with Siri Shortcuts support ✨

for iOS and iPadOS

Mango Baby

Track growth percentiles

Keep track of your child's growth data. With percentile charts, you can compare with other children of the same age and birth sex and see how your child is developing over time.

  • Weight
  • Length
  • Head Circumference
Mango Baby

Log activities, fast

Keep track of a variety of activities. With many quick access options like Siri shortcuts, widgets, and home screen actions, you can quickly be done with the app and keep engaged with your child.

  • Nursing
  • Bottle
  • Diaper
  • Pumping
  • Solid
  • Sleep
  • Tummy Time
  • Temperature
Mango Baby

iCloud sync and sharing

Your child's data are synced in your private iCloud database across devices. With iCloud sharing, you can track together with your partner and caregivers.

  • Sync across devices
  • Share with your partner
  • Private, no sign-up needed
Mango Baby

More features

  • Siri Shortcuts

    Log any activity with Siri, or use Shortcuts to automate tracking.

  • Powerful Widgets

    Put activities, charts, quick actions right on your homescreen.

  • Data export

    You can take out the activity and record data in text format.

  • Built-in timers

    Log nursing, sleeping, and pumping with a built-in timer.

  • Multiple windows

    We have first class support for iPadOS multiple windows.

  • Home screen actions

    Pick your most frequently accessed activities and log right from the app icon.

  • Dark mode

    This is a must for your night time feeding.

  • Reminders

    Create reminders so you and your child can better stay on a schedule.

  • Multiple profiles

    Create as many child profiles as you need.

  • Customize appearances

    Customize each activity's color, and choose frequently used activities on the home screen and hide the rest.

  • App icons

    We provide 13 inclusive app icons with different skin tones.

  • Accent colors

    You can choose an accent color and it will be used throughout the app's UI.

  • Accessibility

    We care deeply about accessibility and we try our best to make the app accessible to everyone.

  • Context actions

    Discover quick actions and context menus right in the app.

  • Dynamic type

    Whether you need small or large texts, we'll support your preferences.