If I purchase Mango Baby Premium, does my partner also need to purchase to share the baby profile?

The one-time in-app purchase Mango Baby Premium supports family sharing. If you and your partner are in the same family group, you only need to purchase once.

How can I customize the Siri phrases like "Mango Baby Log Diaper"?

You can create a custom shortcut in the Shortcuts app by following Apple's instructions. When selecting the action, choose the ones from the Mango Baby app. Give the desired phrase as the shortcut's name.

I have twins, how can I tell Siri or Shortcuts which child I want to log activities for?

Since v2023.12, Mango Baby's Siri Shortcuts actions now support specifying the child you want to log activities for. You can follow Apple's instructions to create a custom shortcut. In the action, tap the arrow to expand the details, and you should see an option for the child. You need to create each shortcut for each of your child, with different shortcut names (used as Siri trigger phrases).

If you want Siri to ask for which child to log activities every time, you can create a single shortcut with two actions:

  1. Find Child. This action, without the Child being chosen, will ask you every time.
  2. The activity action (e.g. Log Diaper). This action will use the result from the Find Child action.
Screenshot of a Shortcut with Find Child and Log Diaper actions

Screenshot of a Shortcut with Find Child and Log Diaper actions

Are there any supported URL schemes?

Mango Baby has comprehensive support for Shortcuts. But if you need to use URL schemes, it supports a few basic ones:

  • mango-baby://go/log/<activity>, <activity> could be one of the followings:

    • nursing
    • diaper
    • sleeping
    • bottle
    • pumping
    • medication
    • temperature
    • bath
    • tummytime
    • solid
    • note
    • weight
    • length
    • headcircumference
  • mango-baby://go/tab/<tab>, <tab> could be one of the followings:

    • journal
    • charts
    • growth
    • profile
    • settings

More questions?

Feel free to use the "Send Feedback" button in the Mango Baby app to send an email to me, or use other ways to contact me.