Mango Baby v2022.5 Release Notes

Mango Baby v2022.5

What's new in Mango Baby v2022.5

Mango Baby v2022.5 is now available. Here are the full release notes:


  • Added convenience Now, ±1m, and ±5m buttons in the time picker.
  • Add an option to Siri Shortcuts to skip confirmation of uncommon values, for example logging 0oz of bottle.


  • All activities with timers now default to show the time since when the activity ends. You can change this using the "Since last activity" option in Settings tab. Previous options in individual Siri Shortcuts are now replaced by this in-app setting.


  • Re-designed the release notes screen. Everybody reads them right? Right?
  • Better performance when syncing start time adjustments to iCloud.


  • The selected date range in activities charts view now automatically advances to the current day after midnight.
  • Fixed the "When was the last sleep" Shortcut where it returned reversed "woke-up" and "fell-asleep" time.
  • Fixed an issue after removing a Siri Shortcut in the app settings, the view might still show it's not removed.

Hope you and your little one(s) have a nice day ^_^

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